Aerial cinematography

creative aerial video shots for feature films, series and commercials



We have been delivering creative aerial video shots for feature films, series, commercials and corporate films since 2012. We focus on aesthetic aerial footage from a unique perspective to help you tell your visual story. Our biggest assets are our creative mindset and ample experience in flying cinema cameras (Alexa, Red, X7,…). We are based near Brussels and take care of all necessary flying permits in Europe for your production. Since 2018 we can deploy multiple drone teams to provide you with maximum flexibility for complex planning and production situations. All our pilots are fully licensed and the flying equipment is insured accordingly.


Our photography service is meant for professional photographers that need very high resolution aerial stills.
Only the best cameras and prime lenses are used.
(Phase One, Canon, Nikon, Sony and DJI X7)
We can do the creative part for you or let you frame the shot yourself. In any case we will provide you with a pilot, all necessary flying permits and a drone system with camera of your choice.


Stephanie Poppe

I like photography, horseriding and… my job!

Greet Van Opstal

Give me running shoes, my camera or some wine and you won’t hear me complain.

Jonas Van de Winkel

I like beer, cycling and quality food.

Seppe Koop

I’m fond of planes, electric cars and spaghetti.

Lucas Ruyssen

I fancy fast motorbikes and the city of Barcelona.

Sam Vanmaekelbergh

I prize cars and like the weekend newspaper.

Michiel van Son

I’m into action, racing games and full on home cinema experiences.

Peter Charlton

You’ll find me flying my club’s Piper Cub more often than mowing my lawn.

Kamiel Doens

I’m keen on skateboarding on a hot summer night with some beers.




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